Tony’s Birthday fundraiser. VIP Experience @ Universal Studios.




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Time's Up

Hello every one. For my birthday June 15th, I thought what do I want. There are a lot of things but I wanted something simple. I always wanted to do the Universal VIP tour since I started being a passholder. I was a victim of arson ALMOST 4years ago and I worked my butt off at work to save up and get a car and I did. So I thought this would be perfect for a celebration since I suffered a mild stroke in 2011 to finally take a day off and super chill and go on this tour and see behind the scenes and to walk where Marty McFly walked at Hill Valley and all that good stuff.

The fact that I been working to keep things and not lose that as I have done in the past.  I would film it and release the footage on my airw so we all can enjoy it.