Hello everyone.  I just lost my cat Monki (10-18-14) who I have had for 13 years since she was a baby.  She & I have been through a lot.  She was there for me when I had a mild stroke, times of unemployment , close to eviction , her maggot infestation in her hip & more.  I have a job but its part time and we just barely bills or are behind.

So I need help with her cremation and her vet bills.   I have two other animals. A dog who is a recue names Mr Precious (pictured with Monki ) and Foxy who we found near a freeway offramp.  She was thrown out and was blody & hurt so I got her in the car and got her care.  Of course we had some money to pay that day.

If you can help that is great.  I can’t offer anything other then you will know she has been taking care of properly as she RIP.

Please go to gofund.me/monki_rip