OK every one.  We all know I love to eat and love a good buffet.  Sadly this was not one of them.  I had reservations at 7:30pm at Story Tellers in The Grand Californian on Saturday while every did the signature dinner.  $60 is not in my budget this year.  I usually eat for lunch and get the cob salad which is amazing. I chose the buffet..  Of all the dishes the Turkey, Roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes and desserts were real good.  The choices that night were salad (mixed greens), chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, veggies, Tortellini with garlic red sauce , garlic mash potatoes, lemon salmon, Spanish rice, lemon peppered chicken , Turkey and roast beef right there.  Ok here is how it tastes to me.


  1. Salad mixed greens with choice of blue cheese or Italian.  Too bland
  2. Chicken nuggets.  Too dry
  3. Macaroni and Cheese.  No flavor
  4. Veggies no seasoning
  5. Tortellini.  No flavor at all
  6. Lemon Pepper chicken. did not look good nor were there any breast.
  7. Mash potato good but needs more garlic
  8. Lemon Salmon.  Don’t eat fish
  9. Spanish Rice* did not have.
  10. Carved Turkey and Roast Beef.  Both were great.
  11. Assorted desserts.  They had sugar free cheesecake 🙂


* There is no au jus sauce when you get the roast beef cut.  You have to ask your server. This is wrong and bad.  By the time you get your server and sauce your meat is cold.

Over all with my drink, tax and AP discount the bill was $19.. I have never had bad food there until that night.

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