I play more audio from last week when I meet up with Chreestopher host of THE BIG D PODCAST.. I now have ATF pins for sale. You can purchase them from our web site https://www.abovethefirehouse.com . This show is a quick one so enjoy.

One again Ape Pen Publishing continues to sponsor us. Thank you Carlene.

All of our audio from the park is in ( ( ) ) B I N U A R L S T E R E O ( ( ) )

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Track Listing

Beautiful Beulah
Disney Magic Kingdom- Main Street
Marry Poppins Band1-15 It’s A Small World Clock Parade
It’s A Small World Clock Parade
WDW – Magic Kingdom – Frontierland – Splash Mountain – ‘Full Attraction Audio Loops’
Disney – The Monkey`s Uncle (Annette Funicello And The Beach
When You Wish Upon A Star

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