yes for those that know I got Adobe CS4 Master Collection.  It’s a hog to my editing system.  See this system is 4 years old but with the way things have advanced since then its very slow.  Here are the spects for you fellow geeks

CPU Intel Pentium 4-  3.4GhzHT.

Ram 2G DDR

Video Card Nvidia 7800 GS with 256Mb AGP 8x

Titan mother Board

So now I am looking to build a new system with the new Intel i7 chip so now I got to do my homework.  This system will be for creating the podcast and vidcast.  I will also use it for my editing of my other project’s as well.  Any other geeks out there know a good motherboard chip combo with the i7 for video editing? I plan on having 4G to 8G and do HDV editing as well.

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