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    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack. It’s been a LONG time. 5 years in fact. I have been dealing with life and I was not able to afford an annual pass and after 2 years after the arson, I got another car. With the car payments, I could not afford monthly payments on an AP at Disneyland. I eventually got a gift of a gold pass from someone at Universal Studios Hollywood, and since then I have had a platinum pass since. It’s much cheaper than the Disney AP cost.

    In this show, we go to Universal and go on the tour with another boring tour guide, ride Transformers, The Mummy, Jurassic World, and end with Secret Life of Pets ride.


    On there you can see videos that are not on this feed and in HD


    All of our audio from the park is in (( )) BINAURAL STEREO (( ))

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