I look back to when I moved to North Hollywood back in June of 1999 and becoming an annual pass holder to Disneyland for 10 years.  I do miss going there but for my income, the annual pass is hard to get.  Yes, I have been a premium pass holder and I could get a lesser pass but for frequency when I would go and doing a podcast it would not work. I am trying to bring the podcast back but my mixer board has a hum in it and I take care of my equipment. I don’t make as much as I used to but I do miss going to DL and seeing my friends there and missing FOTM Friends Of The Magic events that Paul Barrie and I created. I would love to upgrade to a 4k camera to bring better-looking content to the site.   I have set up a Patreon page to help with the plans I want to do with the podcast etc. I do plan on going to other parks to bring you the content you expect.  I also have here a supporter section that has the content you can’t get on the normal feed.  it is exclusive to our site and you once you become a supporter.

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