I”M BACK (sort of) and from the park. Indiana Jones goes 101 on me. I don’t know why this has been happening to me alot. I take you on ROCKIN SPACE MOUNTAIN and update everyone on my site and me. I do have a small glitch during recording and more. ;)

I now have ATF pins for sale. You can purchase them from our web site https://www.abovethefirehouse.com . This show is a quick one so enjoy.

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0115 Coke Corner (Coca Cola)
Disneyland 01 Main Street USA – 0113 Area Music – Main Street
Hans Zimmer – Davy Jones
Disneyland 01 Main Street USA – 0101 Disneyland Hotel Tram (To Disneyland)
Hans Zimmer – Tia Dalma
Disneyland 04 New Orleans Square – 0405 Le Bat en Rouge – Caged Old Hag (Coin Op) (Queen … Snow White)
Disneyland 04 New Orleans Square – 0408 Royal Street

using the new setup so hope you like it. still working things out.

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