Above The Firehouse Podcast Show #51  4/23/2013

I made my way back to the parks and spend most of my day at DCA. I take trip down Buena Vista Street and catch some shows. I make my way to Blue Sky and take a listen to Radiator Springs history and then go some rides . I also take you on Splash Mountain and we go on it twice.  The two boys got in the log with me and it was just the 3 of us.  So we go on it again.  We listen to Brian Sommer do some funny outtakes on our new blu-ray project coming out.  Hear the versions not heard from the teaser.  We also spend time with your evil queen Jana our sponsor.  Enjoy and listen.  I also talk about the passing of Jim Fanazzo.

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GHS and Betty Taylor 2 disc combo back.


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