Working on a full functioning eCommerce store.

  That is right. I am working on getting my store working. If you would like to make an account on there, please go to and make an account. I will be adding more products as I go.. As of now I can not accept credit cards yet but You can order via check/money (more…)

Updated the site

I hope you have noticed some more social network icons on the right hand corner? These will send you to more of atf podcast Out twitter,my facebook and the ATF youtube channel. enjoy.

More updates to the blog

Hello every one.  I been working on the menu as you can see adding more to the store.  We have digital downloads and the DvDs being added.  I have lots more to do but soon we will be adding video you can purchase then download. You can also purchase other items as they get added (more…)

Our forums are back

I don’t know if any one knew but I got the forums working again with a new version of the php script.  I will slowly customize it like I did the old one so please go check out and let’s get the ball rolling again. 😉