Last week, we asked you to send in your most burning questions for the Disney Villains to help you decide who is the baddest villain of all. We received a ton of questions on the Disney Parks Blog, Facebook and Twitter, and today the Disney Villains and their campaign managers answer some of your questions.

See how Cruella de Vil responds when asked what she uses to dye her hair, and advice she has about the upcoming fashion season:

Jafar’s campaign manager tells us why his evil companion is a parrot and how he got his skinny snake staff:

Find out why Maleficent refused to show up in person to answer questions and what she told her campaign manager when asked if she’s always been green-skinned, and if she has horns.

Which Disney Villain gave the best answer in today’s videos? Are you changing your vote based on what you saw today?

Vote for your favorite Disney Villain through October 28 at Check back tomorrow to see what the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Ursula had to say. You can also visit some of these Disney Villains at “it’s a small world” mall in Disneyland park.

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