Well i woke up at 10 and got ready to go to Disneyland.  Noticed I did not have any blank tapes so I had to go get some at Fry’s.  Well once again they did not have my brand in stock.  I use Sony DVM63 HDV miniDV and once they sold them $24.95 and now they are $34.95   for a 3 pack.  So I had to get Panasonic DVM63 tapes but they only had 2 pack at $19.99 but I needed them but next time I am going to my normal place in Hollywood and save.  Ok that’s done so I am driving to Disneyland and traffic is crappy.  So I made it to Disneyland in an hour.  I was excited to be there and when I pulled in to Mickey and Friends the line were short.  I was thinking the rain storms had something to do with it.  So I get up to and a car away and I notice Disneyland will be closing at 7pm for the halloween party. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr DCA will close at 11p.  Now i prefer to end my day in Disneyland.  I go to DCA first then to Disneyland.  Ok so the lines were short.   I made my way to Space Mountain for the Ghost Galaxy overlay.  20min  so I did that.  Then I noticed Autopia was a walk on so I did a recording of that.  Then I made my way to Matterhorn.  15 and shot a POV from the first car tomorrow land side.  So all the stand by times were short.  Indiana Jones 15min? wow.  So I pop on Alice in wonderland and noticed they added more the to the new rails and cover where you get on the ride.  It was odd.  I’m used to the open space.  So I shot that with the new changes.

I had to eat and I know the cheapest place to eat is The Hungry Bear so I made my way over and they raised prices 50 cents. haha  Well I love the view of the River there.  Got done and made my way back to go on Haunted Mansion but the line was 30min because of the Nightmare overlay so I passed this trip.  So I made my way back to Fantacyland (I needed the exercise) and did Snow Whites scary adventure to enjoy the new effects..  Ok so I filmed what I could since 7pm was creeping up So I made my way to DCA.  Now the cool thing.  They got ride of that STUPID GLOWFEST.  They are replacing it with ElecTRONica.  Now that’s a smart idea.  I love TRON and I can’t wait and they had a ticker where the sun is or was.  Made my way to Grizzly River Rapids to get a World of Color fast pass.  I got the 11:15p show. oh well   Now  since there is a ton of construction going on there is not that much to do at DCA so I got bored and just sat down and rested.  had a small little nap but woke to a screaming kid.  Now since they also close down most of the ride for World of Color that did not help.  Ok so I finally got to see World of Color.  Its an awesome show but they removed some stuff that was gonna originally in it.  Now people need to chill out about the WOC VS Fantasmic.  Each has it’s own charm.  Ok enough blabbing.  I hope you enjoy the picture gallery from my Blackberry.

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